Scholarship Programme

The Qualitas Scholarship Programme has been established to give gifted and talented footballers the chance to compete against Category 1, 2 and 3 Professional Academy teams. By bridging the gap between Academy and Grass Roots football it allows the children to witness the dedication, professionalism and high skill standards Academies have and what they much achieve as players to make it to the next level.  Not only through visits to Academy facilities to play against their squads is this achieved. We also bridge the gap through delivering a high standard of coaching focusing on each child’s development through the four corners of football: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Pyschological. 

We run the Scholarship Programme for each age group from the U7’s all the way up to the U16’s with specific training days designated to each squad, designed so the coaches are able to develop players as a full team but also to focus on any areas of improvements that each squad may have; preparing each player for the next game.  Each squad training day is found below:

Mondays (6pm-8pm) . . .




Wednesdays (6pm-8pm) . . .




Saturdays . . .

1ST Session U10 & U11 (9am-11am)

2ND Session U12 & U13 (10am-12pm)

To make sure that we are monitoring individual player’s development as the season progresses, each player is assessed at each game being monitored on their Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological ability when playing.  Feedback is given to each player in biannual reviews, which also presents the physical conditioning of each player derived from data collated at 2 different phases of the season. All of this information is to highlight each child’s strengths and areas for improvement as well as help each child set their own targets to aim for throughout the season. 

The Scholarship Programme is always advancing to reduce the size of the gap between the Academy’s and Grass Root programme. Many of our players do move onto Academy’s (see Role of Honor), allowing for the next player to develop in an academy standard setting. Through endeavour, hardwork and information retention each child’s football potential is limitless…….. CEDE NULLIS!

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