QUalitas Scholarship Programme

The Qualitas Scholarship Programme was introduced in 2012 to bridge the gap between grass root and academy football. Each session is specifically designed to work on the four corners of football development, working in blocks of 12 weeks to keep training challenging, focused and enjoyable.  Our coaches work with the player’s to create an environment where everyone can develop and progress at their own speed. Through encouragement, enthusiasm, empathy and engagement your child will work through fast footwork drills, possession games and match play that will speed up player’s thought process.


All outfield skills participants will train for 2 hours with each other working through a structured session and programme. For the first part of the session the players will focus on their ball mastery skills to move the ball with different parts of their body improving their coordination, control and body and special awareness. 

The skills participants with then progress into a technique and skill drill for the topic of that session. Our coaches will pass on important information where the children will practice the technique of either attacking or defending traits before faced with an added challenge which will replicate a game situation. Alternatively, we will introduce challenging possession drills to promote the talent of being calm on the ball in pressure situations, retaining the ball through a succession of passes and dribble and communicating with other players to achieve a common goal or target. 

The session will end with a game situation where the tactical element of game will be the sole focus. Teamwork, enjoyment, communication and determination are all encouraged by the coaches in the match situations so each child can express the skills that they have learnt. It is important as coaches that each player leaves the session feeling they have developed their skills, enjoyed the session and are hungry to learn more. 


Our specifically designed goalkeeper sessions run on a Monday, Wednesday and a Saturday session for any young player trying to learn their trade in between the sticks. Through a wide range of experiences and qualifications, our goalkeeper coaches make sure the players are put through their paces whilst absorbing key information that they can take into match play for their Sunday League teams, School teams or even the park with their friends. 

Each session will start with essential footwork drills to sharpen players’ minds and agility across the goal before moving on to more goalkeeper specific skills such as handling, cross collection, organisation, distribution, closing angles etc. If required, the goalkeepers will get the chance to play in live game situations to put all of their hard work into practice to make their development more match realistic.  Each goalkeeper leaves the session sweating but with a head full of knowledge ready and raring for the next session.  

Our goalkeeper sessions are extremely popular so if you are interested please make sure you get in contact with us as soon as possible so your child is guaranteed a place at the session. 



Monday . . .

King Edward VII Lower School / U6 - U16 / 6:00pm – 8pm

Wednesday . . .

Henry Fanshawe School / U6 - U16 / 6:00pm – 8pm.

Saturday . . .

1st Session - Henry Fanshawe School / U7 - U11 / 9:00am – 10:30am

2nd Session - Henry Fanshawe School / U12 – U16 / 10:30am – 12:00pm


Elite and Development Scholar Programmes

Previously at the scholarship sessions skills sessions have been invited down to session and turn up on the day. As the scholarship programme moves forwards this cannot be the case due to many of the teams participation in the JPL ONE leagues. Due to the league introduction, space at scholarship sessions will be tight.

Going forwards to attend a Scholarship session you must book onto a taster session using the link below. Based on an assessment from the squad coach of you child’s age group your child will be ask to join the following

Please click on both for more information.

Scholarship Session Taster

This price is for the child’s first session. Once completed a scholarship coach will make a decision on whether your child has made the following:

Elite Scholar

Development Scholar

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