School Sport Partnership

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Qualitas Sport now have 27 schools across North East Derbyshire participating in the new School Sport Partnership.

With the Tupton, Dronfield and Eckington clusters Qualitas has provided schools with the opportunity for children to participate in a wide variety of inter school events, spanning over 16 different sports.

Spanning from Foundations Stage 2 to Year 6, each school taking part have had the opportunity to compete in both festival and competition format events. Seasonal fixtures in a variety of sports are organised throughout the academic year.

As part of the School Sports Partnership, staff CPD is offered based on the feedback from head teachers and Sports Co-coordinators.


Festival Events

A festival event provides schools with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills using a variety of equipment that may not be accessible within a school environment. As well as developing fundamental and sport specific skills it also allows the children to interact with pupils from other schools, focusing on the social and cognitive side of development.

Competition events

A competition events focuses on more sport specific skills where each school compete in inter-school cooperative format. Depending on the sport being carried out at the event, the children will compete either as a team or an individual to strive towards their person best. Whether this means the children win the overall event or not, each child walks away with the satisfaction of striving to be their best and doing them selves proud.

Seasonal Fixtures

During the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms each school have the opportunity to take part in home and away fixtures in football, netball and rounders. Each school entered are competing for the chance to play in a regional final towards the end of the school year.

Regional events

After taking part in league formats throughout the year, certain schools will qualify into regional event. At the regional events top schools from each cluster compete against one another to find the overall regional champions.